Stubborn Corns? Don’t Let Them Steal Your Spring in Your Step!

Those little bumps on your toes or feet might seem harmless, but corns can become real nuisances. They can cause sharp pain, make it uncomfortable to wear shoes, and even impact your mobility. But fear not, fellow foot enthusiasts! Here at Feet First Podiatry (Singapore), we’re here to help you kick those corns to the curb and get you back on your feet pain-free.


What are Corns, Anyway?

Corns are thickened layers of dead skin that form in response to friction and pressure. They most commonly appear on the tops and sides of toes, as well as on the heels. While not life-threatening, they can certainly make life uncomfortable.


DIY vs. Podiatrist: Why Professional Removal Matters

There are over-the-counter corn removal products available, but we strongly advise against using them. These products often contain harsh chemicals that can irritate healthy skin and even lead to infection. Additionally, they only address the surface layer of the corn, not the root cause of the pressure that caused it to form in the first place.


The Podiatrist’s Advantage: More Than Just Corn Removal

A podiatrist can safely and effectively remove your corns using sterile instruments. We also take the time to identify the underlying cause of the corn, such as ill-fitting shoes, biomechanical issues, or certain activities. This allows us to recommend preventive measures to stop those pesky corns from coming back.


Here’s what you can expect during a podiatrist visit for corn removal:

1) Consultation: We’ll discuss your symptoms, medical history, and footwear choices.

2) Foot Examination: We’ll take a close look at your feet to diagnose the corn and identify any contributing factors.

3) Painless Removal: Using sterile tools and techniques, we’ll remove the corn comfortably and safely.

4) Prevention Plan: We’ll provide personalized advice on how to prevent corns from returning, such as recommending proper footwear or custom orthotics.


Don’t wait until your corns become a major roadblock in your daily life! Schedule an appointment with Feet First Podiatry (Singapore) today. We’ll get you back to enjoying pain-free steps and a spring in your step.


Bonus Tip: While you wait for your appointment, try soaking your feet in warm water for 7 minutes to soften the corn. You can also use a pumice stone to gently buff away some of the thickened skin (but avoid overdoing it!).


Remember, healthy feet are happy feet!