Foot & Ankle Strapping

Feet First Podiatry

Strapping has proven to be an effective and natural solution for individuals experiencing muscle or tendon discomfort. It provides temporary relief to allow individuals to resume their daily activities with ease. When the body is overworked or overstretched, it can lead to pain and potential injuries. Strapping the affected areas reduces movement, offers support, and prevents further damage. This method expedites the healing process, which is especially beneficial during the early stages of an injury or physical activity.

Our podiatrists recommend implementing strapping as a preventative measure to avoid long-term health issues. Kinesio tape (K-tape) is a flexible tape that provides proprioceptive feedback essential for individuals with chronic long-standing injuries who require better stability, such as those with tendonitis or knee pain.

K-tape works by providing:

1) proprioceptive feedback, stabilising the injury site,
2) reducing the load on painful areas, and
3) enabling optimal movement with the least amount of required energy.

4) flexibility and lifting action allow for improved circulation, making it a dynamic support for the area.


K-Taping 绷带