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Welcome to Feet First! Our team of physiotherapists and podiatrists are passionate about helping you have healthy feet and feel comfortable when visiting us. We use the newest technology to prevent, diagnose and treat any issues with transparent care. We want to make sure your experience is exceptional and affordable. We believe foot health is important, and our goal is to help you walk, run and jump with confidence. We are here to offer you dedicated care and services that will enhance your quality of life. Thank you for choosing Feet First!

Comprehensive Podiatry Services

From general foot care and cosmetic restoration to surgical management. We’ve got you covered. 

Child-Friendly Paediatic Podiatrist

Our paediatric podiatrist offers a wide range of foot care for your child’s fee conditions.

Patient-Centred Podiatrist

Trust our team for optimal health with full body tune-ups and caring support every step of the way!

Foot Clinic in Marine Parade

We are located in Parkway Centre, Marine Parade (East) of Singapore.

Podiatry Clinic in Novena

Another convinient location in Royal Square @ Novena, which is right above Novena MRT. 

Trusted Foot Specialist in Singapore

Accredited and experienced podiatrist you can trust in Australia and Singapore. 

We take your feet seriously podiatrist

our podiatry services

We take your feet seriously.

We offer a wide range of podiatry services and procedures including cosmetic toenail restoration treatments. Our experienced podiatrist is here to help you and your entire family in diagnosing and treating an array of adult and children foot conditions.

Podiatry Treatment Options

Podiatry Services in relaxed,
worry-free environment

Ingrown Toenail Feet First Podiatry

Ingrown Toenail

We provide same-day treatment to remove toenail spikes and ingrown toenail with top-notch professionals using sterile instruments prioritising your comfort and safety. Visit us today for quality care.


Toenail restoration podiatry service

Toenail Restoration

Suffering from fungal or discoloured toenail and needs an instant nail-change? With our expert podiatry care, regain your confidence and achieve beautiful, healthy-looking toenails.


Laser Fungal Toenail Podiatry Service

Laser Fungal Toenail

Get rid of toenail fungus with our safe and effective laser treatment. Promotes healthy toenail growth and offers pain-free solution. No more frustration from topical creams or oral medication. 

通过我们的安全有效的激光治疗,消除脚趾甲真菌, 提供无痛解决方案。不再因局部药膏或口服药物而感到沮丧。

foot wart podiatry treatment

Foot Wart

This simple and easy cryotherapy treatment freezes the wart and minimizes tissue growth. If you’re tired of dealing with those pesky warts on your feet, cryotherapy may be the solution you’ve been looking for. 


foot corn callus podiatry treatment

Foot Corn & Callus

Our podiatrists help to remove calluses and hard skin with state-of-the-art podiatry drill, leaving your feet refreshed and rejuvenated, leaving you feeling like you’re walking on clouds.


foot cracked heel paraffin podiatry treatment

Paraffin Foot Wax

Extra pampering for your feet before slipping into those summer sandals? Treatment includes removing dry skin, sanding, and a paraffin foot wax to remove cracked heels.


Paediatric podiatry children insoles

Paediatric Insoles

Proper footwear is essential for active children’s fitness and health, particularly in correcting in-toeing gait or out-toeing gait. Our service provides aims to support children’s development.


Podiatry Custom Insoles Foot Pain

Prescription Insoles

We use 3D scan, footwear study and biomechanics assessment (study the way how you walk) to prescribe the best suitable custom-made insoles to ease foot pain, correct your gait and improve posture.

我们的3D扫描和生物力学评估, 足病专家可以提供定制鞋垫,缓解脚痛,同时提高姿势和矫正步态, 并提供最优质的服务, 轻松行走。

plantar fasciitis heel pain podiatry treatment

Heel Pain

Combat plantar fasciitis with our shockwave therapy device. Acoustic waves provide instant relief from pain and reduce inflammation. Customisable settings, non-invasice device and with no downtime.


podiatry bunion custom toe spacer

Custom Toe Spacer

Our customisable toe separators are the best solution to the painful bunions. The unique webspace re-align your toes, not only relieve discomfort but also provide that much-deserved peace of mind. 

可定制化的趾间隔垫, 完美地重新调整你的大脚趾。这不仅可以缓解你可能遇到的任何不适

podiatry foot sports strapping

Sports Strapping

We have just the solution for you with our high-quality sports tape strapping. It’s simple, effective, and will leave you feeling stable and comfortable during your performance. 


foot pain podiatry dry needling

Dry Needling

Treatment for heel pain and Achilles tendonitis is confidently done through dry needling. Highly effective has earned a reputation for relieving muscle tension in areas like sore calfs, knees, and ankle sprains.


What Our Patients Say About Us

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from our patients

The Feet First Podiatry Experience

You deserve the best podiatry care and physiotherapy treatment

Our amazing team is all about creating a comfortable and fun dental experience for you! We truly care about your well-being and are here to provide transparent and supportive care every step of the way. Whether you need a routine foot care or a more specialised procedure, we’re committed to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful lifestyle that you’ll absolutely adore.

That’s why our patients love coming back to see us time and time again. Let us show you just how comfortable, empowering, and enjoyable going to the podiatrist and physiotherapist can be!

Movefree physio podiatry clinic Marine Parade

meet Our Specialists

Best Podiatrist in Singapore – Dr. Tiffany Tsao

Senior Principal Podiatrist
Tiffany Tsao

About our foot podiatrist

Tiffany completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry and Master of Health Education in Education in Brisbane and Sydney Australia, where she graduated with top honours. She acquired her specialist training in podiatric wounds, surgical procedures and diabetic foot in National University Hospital. She has worked for Mount Elizabeth and Novena Hospitals, and several private medical centres in Brisbane. Throughout her career, Tiffany has earned a reputation for her patient-centred approach and personalised care plans. She is now partnering with MoveFree Physio to provide dedicated medical services in Singapore. doctor

曹医生在澳大利亚布里斯班和悉尼完成了卫生科学学士学位和教育学健康教育硕士学位,并以优异成绩毕业。她在国立大学医院接受了足病伤口、手术和糖尿病足部治疗方面的专业培训。她曾在伊丽莎白山和诺维纳医院以及布里斯班的多家私人医疗中心工作。在职业生涯中,曹医生以以病人为中心的方法和个性化护理计划闻名。现在,她与 MoveFree Physio 合作,在新加坡提供专业的医疗服务。

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5-Star Reviews and Counting

Monica TanMonica Tan
06:36 06 Jan 24
I recently visited Tiffany, a podiatrist, for toenail fungal treatment and was extremely satisfied with the experience. Tiffany was exceptionally detailed and thorough in her consultation and treatment process. She made sure to explain every step clearly, providing me with a deep understanding of the treatment plan. Additionally, Tiffany was very transparent about the costs associated with each part of the treatment. Her expertise and clear communication made my experience very positive. I highly recommend Tiffany for anyone seeking effective and comprehensive podiatric care.
Concern ResidentConcern Resident
01:54 22 Dec 23
Very nice environment and Tiffany explains everything in details.
Debbie TsaoDebbie Tsao
02:33 21 Dec 23
I could not recommend this clinic more highly. The quality of service from start to finish excels any other physician I have used before. If you are looking for doctors who take the extra time to listen and provide a thorough and quality service, look no further.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Char Ling LeeChar Ling Lee
11:20 19 Dec 23
I have had my customized insole and it works perfectly well and solve my long term calf ache. Tiffany is friendly and very professional in what she is doing. Will recommend her service for sure! Thanks Feet First!
Ivan TanIvan Tan
06:50 13 Dec 23
05:51 04 Nov 23
I'm Andre from Indonesia, 7 years ago I made shoe insoles with Dr. Tiffany, the results were quite satisfying and I still use them to this day, since it's been 7 years, so in October 2023 I made a new insole again. Dr Tiffany's service was very good.
The clinic eqquiped and clean, the service also excellent, miss Mass very helpfullMiss Tiffany take care of us very well, she's very professional, comprehansive and accurate
Douglas TsengDouglas Tseng
14:22 30 Oct 23
Found Feet First Podiatry Clinic on Google. (There was another clinic just 5 minutes from my place but they didn't respond to queries...oh well.) Had my ingrown toetail removed at FPC by podiatrist Tiffany Tsao. On top of that, she also provided after-care advice to prevent another ingrown toenail. Relaxing environment, friendly service! If you live in the East (Marine Parade area), check it out.
Richard LyRichard Ly
07:03 18 Oct 23
Ivan ZhouIvan Zhou
01:25 13 Oct 23
08:20 28 Sep 23
Tiffany is a wonderful podiatrist who is so knowledgeable and kind.
Evan Satya BudisarwonoEvan Satya Budisarwono
03:58 23 Sep 23
Tee Ping HongTee Ping Hong
04:43 18 Sep 23
Very impressed with Tiffany. I had feet pain for years and she is able to provide insights that i am not aware of. Her custom insoles are a must have. I wish i have seen her earlier.

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(East) Marine Parade

1 Marine Parade Central, #13-04 Singapore 449408

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15, 31, 36, 43, 47, 48, 134, 135, 196, 197, 966


Multi-storey public car park behind Parkway Centre. 

The address of the carpark is 89 Marine Parade Central S440089

Movefree physio podiatry clinic Marine Parade

Novena Royal Square

101 Irrawaddy Road #20-09, Singapore 329565

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How to get there

  • From Novena MRT Station take Exit B.
  • Turn right and you will see Toast Box & KFC.
  • Take the exit and enter Royal Square Novena building.
  • Walk up the short flight and head straight to the Royal Square Medical Suite on the right side.
  • Carpark available within same building.
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