Prescription Insoles

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Professional Foot Clinic

What are prescription insoles?

Prescription insoles, also known as custom orthotics, are custom-made shoe-inserts designed to meet individual needs. Experts such as podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, or pedorthists create these inserts by choosing materials and tailoring them to address specific patient requirements. Custom orthotics offer support, cushioning, and stabilisation to alleviate foot pain, abnormal gait, and other medical conditions. Therefore, they are vital in improving the overall health of patients with specific foot conditions.


Professional Foot Clinic

Who needs prescription insoles?


Prescription insoles are an effective tool utilised to support, align, relieve pain, and enhance foot function for individuals in need. These insoles are fashioned from a diversity of materials such as foam, rubber, and rigid plastics. The insoles are custom-designed to fit an individual’s unique foot contours for optimum results. Overall, prescription insoles serve as a valuable solution in addressing various foot-related issues and aiding in the attainment of improved overall health and wellness.


Prescription Insoles Process

Step 1
3D Scanning

5 Minutes

Use a mobile device with an app to capture the three-dimensional aspects of your feet. This includes your toes, feet, heels, and part of your ankles.


Step 2
Treadmill Assessment

30 Minutes

We conduct a biomechanical assessment to assist with prescriptions and provide accurate diagnosis and correction for your condition. For this assessment, you will need to wear shoes that can cover your feet. We require you to walk on a treadmill.


Step 3

7 Days

Your podiatrist may take up to two weeks to analyze, prescribe, and design your insoles. The designs are then sent to our laboratory for 3D printing before they are delivered back to the clinic.


Step 4
Collection & Fitting

15 Minutes

Prescription insoles should be fitted into your shoes, and expectations and prognosis should be thoroughly explained.


Step 5

15 Minutes

This can be done via telehealth or an in-person consultation to follow up on your progress and treatment outcomes.


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